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At Nouryon, salt literally runs through our veins. Our dedicated scientists and engineers have been working to innovate and supply essential salt ingredients for over a century, since 1918.

April 2020

Salt is essential to life. It’s a key component in the chemical manufacture of thousands of products used every day, and today, our salt specialties are becoming more important than ever to protect our coworkers, families and communities against the current pandemic.

What is salt used in you ask? You will see salt in applications like medical care, pharmaceuticals, household cleaners, as well as sanitizers to improve personal hygiene. It’s also used as an ingredient in food and groceries, being essential for production, preservation, and seasoning and flavoring.

Nouryon is well-known for producing and exporting many salt products throughout the world under strong brand names, such as: Sanal®, Suprasel®, Broxo®, KNZ® and our retail products Jozo® and Nezo®.

Below are some of the brands that are making a difference:


We make a unique salt product range called Sanal pharma salt that is used in many applications across the healthcare industry. The main application is found in hemodialysis to treat patients with kidney failure by using a machine to clean your blood. According to Dutch news outlet NOS in the Netherlands, this dialysis treatment is used to treat 1 out of 5 coronavirus patients in the intensive care unit (ICU).


Sanal is also used in intravenous solutions (saline or salty water solutions) and during critical medical treatment to maintain the much-needed moisture balance of patients in the ICU.


Broxo salt helps clinics, hospitals, dentists and the pharmaceutical industry protect their medical equipment and instruments. Our salt is needed in the water treatment to soften and purify water, which is also used for the preparation of medical solutions. Water softening saves the healthcare industry significant time and money to handle large quantities of water in one process.

You will also see Broxo salt in household cleaning products, like detergents, dishwashing products, and other cleaners.


Did you know that Nouryon’s Suprasel is an essential ingredient in food? Think about local food banks, stocking up your pantry and making your favorite foods, such as cheese, fish or meat. Suprasel salt is ideal for optimal food quality, preservation and ensures smooth production processes across all areas of the food industry.

Suprasel products are also a carrier for trace elements, such as iodine—an ingredient that supports good health.

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We are proud of our contribution to better lives, to better healthcare, and to better the overall well-being of people.