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JEC World 2021

9 March - 11 March 2021 Paris, France

JEC World in Paris is the only trade show that unites the global composite industry: an indication of the industry’s commitment to an international platform where users can find a full spectrum of processes, new materials, and composite solutions.


JEC WORLD 2020 - The Leading International Composites Show

Nouryon Polymer Catalysts as a trusted supplier of curing systems will be showcasing its’ latest product innovations and developments at the upcoming JEC WORLD in Paris.

We will have spokespeople available to talk about the new product announcements that we will make at this year’s event.

Come and discover our latest innovations!

For more information about the JEC WORLD 2021 visit the event website.

Learn More

Tuesday 9 March - Thursday 11 March 2021

    • Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre
    • Paris Nord Villepinte, France
    • ZAC Paris Nord 2
    • 93420 , Paris
    • France