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Supplying the entire polymer market

We manufacture and supply essential ingredients and sustainable solutions to produce all types of thermoplastics, rubbers, and thermoset composites. Our ingredients improve their properties and performance and add functionalities. From packaging and power distribution cables to yachts and shoe soles, our products help to meet the growing demands of the industry.

Faster, safer, better

Nouryon is the inventor of Continuous Initiator Dosing (CiD). This innovative concept increases your reactor output when manufacturing suspension PVC (S-PVC), while making your process safer. The end product is more consistent and of higher quality.

Learn how it works

Mastering the chemistry of the golf ball

Golf ball manufacturers count on Nouryon to improve overall performance of the game. Nouryon’s Perkadox and Trigonox products are used in the curing process of golf ball cores.

Crosslinking of rubbers and thermoplastics

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We are Nouryon

Your partner in essential chemistry
for a sustainable future

Markets worldwide rely on our essential chemistry in the manufacture of everyday products such as paper, plastics, building materials, food, pharmaceuticals, and personal care items. Building on our nearly 400-year history, the dedication of our 10,000 employees, and our shared commitment to business growth, strong financial performance, safety, sustainability, and innovation, we have established a world-class business and built strong partnerships with our customers. We operate in over 80 countries around the world and our portfolio of industry-leading brands includes Eka, Dissolvine, Trigonox, and Berol.